AL Remitz Valley Sheltered Workshop Board Member

AL Remitz, Treasurer

Board Member Biography

AL Remitz, recently retired, St. Charles resident since 2000, married (Roxie), three children of which our youngest (John) is a member of the Valley Sheltered Workshop community since 2014.

A 40-year career in sales and business development in aerospace coatings for commercial, private, military aircraft, and space vehicles. Talents are opening doors, facilitating smooth communication and information exchange, on-point project development, and overall, being a people person. Community involvement includes Rotary Foreign Exchange Student programs, Special Olympics, FVSRA, and Valley Sheltered Workshop.

Being a parent and growing up with a special needs child, provides insight and understanding of the ever-changing needs of John and his community.

My wife and family have always been involved in John’s special needs programs. Now, that I am no longer traveling, I would like to do the same by working with and being a member of the Valley Sheltered Workshop Board.