Thomas Weidner

Board Member Biography

Thomas Weidner is a Marketing Team Leader with 22 years of experience at AT&T in corporate strategic development, internet marketing, marketing research, and new product development.

Previous to working in the private sector, Thomas worked in Rehabilitation and wrote his MBA thesis titled “Formulating a Systematic Approach to Strategic Marketing of a Rehabilitation Workshop” focused on developing and implementing a strategic plan to obtain competitive contracts on keeping over 300 people effectively and efficiently employed in the workshop setting.

In addition, at the Parents and Friends of Retarded Citizens in Connecticut and the Association for the Blind in Pennsylvania, Thomas encouraged people with developmental disabilities to explore possibilities for their lives by maximizing independence in Group Homes, external employment, and economic self-sufficiency in their daily life experiences. Tom successfully transitioned many workshop individuals to competitive employment outside the workshop.

Thomas has served as a member of the Valley Sheltered Workshop Board since 2020. He is the current CEO of BusiMed, Inc. successfully providing online marketing, promotion, and consulting services established in 2004.

Thomas holds several degrees including an MBA in Marketing and an MS in Communication Science at Northwestern University. For more information: Tom Weidner’s Resume.