VSW Insights for June 2021

The place to catch up on monthly news and highlights.

Business Is Increasing

By Kris Meadows Lundgren

June 1, 2021

Business still up from our Major Accounts
Business from our two major accounts was still up throughout the month of May! Doctors Data and Burgess Norton continue to have strong business demands and are keeping our employees very busy. In addition, moderate demands remain in place from The HomeCourt, R. Bach, Turf, Eleven Ten, and Lewis Plastics. We also have the last load of pallets in for labeling from American Licorice.

Our employees base is at 78.3% capacity, with 47 of our total 60 work spots per week filled. This leaves us with some capacity to add to our VSW Target Employees, with 13 open spots per week. If you know of any adults with disabilities who are 25 years and older who are looking for employment, we hope that you will send them our way. Please reach out to Jennifer Kulosa at 630.879.2359.

Celebrate Retirements!
We all said goodbye and Happy Retirement to Sue Lusted on Friday, May 28th as she concluded her ten years of employment here at VSW. She attended a staff dinner on Thursday night at Barrel & Rye and was greeted with a huge party thrown by our employees’ parents on Friday at lunch. She will be missed! Donna Lusted was also honored and thanked for her almost seven years of service, as she retired at the end of March. We are all very blessed at the years of service and direction provided by these women.

Other NEW STUFF @ VSW: Office Furniture & Computers
The installation of $2400 of new office furniture donated from Interiors for Business, Batavia, IL, happened and we have a beautiful new space that accommodates 3 workspaces and a new 5-drawer horizontal file.

The new desktop computer purchase approved at the April Board Meeting was approved and is being built by Rick Arnold, of Arnold Consulting.

Additionally, we were blessed when Tricia Becker secured a free laptop from Dell! The laptop will be used for tally entry on the floor.