VSW Insights for May

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Changes at the Workshop

By Kris Meadows Lundgren

May 1, 2021 

Staffing Changes
Several of you have already met Kris Meadows Lundgren. She was hired in January for the newly created position of Marketing & Development Manager.

Donna Lusk, who served in the office for nearly seven years retired on March 31, 2021. As a result of Donna’s retirement, Jennifer Kulosa was hired and trained as Office Manager. However, shortly after Jennifer was hired, Sue Lusted announced her impending retirement on May 31, 2021. Because of Jennifer’s background and interests, she transitioned as a trainee under Sue with the intention that she would transition to Floor Manager upon Sue’s retirement.

As a result of Jennifer transitioning to Sue’s role, Tricia Becker was recruited as the new Office Manager.  She is training with Jennifer and will assume the Office Manager role in June 2021. Additionally, Sonya Johnson submitted her resignation as a Floor Flex Staff person at the April Board Meeting but remains active as our VSW Webmaster.

Pancakes in the Parking Lot
Decisions were made in February to cancel the VSW annual pancake breakfast. Though that decision was revisited briefly while watching the world slowly and cautiously reopen, the pancake breakfast of 2021 remains canceled. Pandemic concerns remain for this year.

Candy… and Boxes Galore!
Late in March and for the entire month of April, we’ve been working on a large labeling job from American Licorice Company, LaPorte, IN. This job will be a substantial help to our sales revenue for the year, contributing approximately $8000 in revenue. At the same time, our jobs from Doctors Data and our box order from Burgess Norton are up, too.

Because our workload has been up, we have some capacity for recruiting new employees. If you know of other adults with disabilities who are 25 years old and older and might be interested in interviewing for a position at VSW, please reach out to us and let us know! You can call Jennifer Kulosa @ 630.879.2359.

Other NEW STUFF @ VSW: Office Furniture & Computers
Recently, our friends at Interiors for Business, Batavia, IL, partnered with us to donate over $2400 in office equipment to update the VSW office to accommodate 3 workspaces and a new 5-drawer horizontal file. We’re so grateful for their partnership and look forward to planning the installation soon!

Also, at the April Board meeting, a new computer purchase was approved by the Board for VSW. The existing desktop in the main office is so old and antiquated that it has caused lots of functional issues. It’s time! A small subcommittee is in process of deciding between another desktop and/or a laptop. Tricia Becker has some connections at Dell and is investigating a possible grant/donation from them on the laptop. Let’s hope for that blessing!

The BEST News for LAST!
The Board of Directors of the Geneva Community Chest awarded Valley Sheltered Workshop a $7,800 grant! This grant will be paid in one installment in May. Geneva Community Chest asks for our support in their fundraising efforts which make this grant possible; those events can be found on their website.

We are all so grateful for their continued support!